When it comes to managing your propane needs, no one is more qualified than the propane specialists at Three Rivers FS.  Our experience and expertise comes through with a wide range of comprehensive programs that save you time and money while ensuring your comfort and safety.  From periodic propane system inspections to convenient payment options, you'll appreciate what our dedicated professionals can do for you.




Propane Services:

24/7 Emergency Services


Budget Billing Plan  

Keep Full Service   

Scheduled Delivery  

Tank Lease Program  

Set new and used propane tanks above and underground   

Sell propane equipment  

Propane white heaters 

-  Sell & Recondition heaters   

Trench lines Maintenance 

-  Paint, sandblast, and power wash propane tanks  

-  Change regulators, valves, gaskets, gauges, leaks   

Underground propane line locator

Propane Safety and Winter Storms

As the season for severe winter weather sweeps across the country, make sure your family and your property are prepared for whatever the winter brings.

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