The Three Rivers FS Precision Farming Department offers a multitude of industry leading hardware and software solutions. By integrating monitoring and control systems with data management and expert analysis by the Three Rivers FS Agronomy team, we can tailor personalized solutions for any size of operation.



Equipment Knowledge

  • Pre-Season Inspections
  • Toolbar Calibration
  • Monitor Set-up
  • Seed Meter Testing
  • Service Kit

Data Management

    • Climate FieldView 
    • Ag Leader SMS 
    • Ag Leader AgFiniti
    • Grid Sampling
    • Field Boundaries
    • As-Applied Mapping
    • Yield Maps
    • Variable Rate Prescriptions
    • Importing Recs
    • Soil Scan Samples
    • UAS Flights (Drone Scouting)

Products & Equipment Lines

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Planter Maintenance Checklist

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