Let Three Rivers FS Control the Dust

Dust Control 

If you have a home or business near a construction site or gravel road, you know the frustrations and dangers of dust. The dust can reduce driving visibility, cause respiratory problems, and affect the cleanliness of your home, your yard and your vehicles.  

Our environmentally safe, cost effective, and reliable products to help control the dust that is generated by traffic on gravel roads. 

Three Rivers FS provides dust control near Clayton, Delaware and Dubuque Counties in Iowa. 

Our Products

Magnesium Chloride 

- Lighter in color 

- Performs well on roadway that has abundant loose rock, highly traveled 

- Pulls moisture from the air and works well with lower humidity   


Lignin Sulfonate 

- Dark in color 

- Works well on solid road base without much loose rock   

- Non-chloride and non-toxic

Contact Three Rivers FS for this year's Dust Control program.

Allamakee, Buchanan, Clayton, Delaware, and Fayette Counties call the Manchester Office  563-927-2761. 

Dubuque, Jackson, and Jones Counties call the Epworth Office 563-876-3394.

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