Three Rivers FS’s board of directors, leadership team, and employees believe that good corporate citizenship goes beyond simply adhering to the spirit and the letter of the laws governing business and industry. Good citizenship carries with it certain obligations and responsibilities to help enhance the general welfare of the community and its people.   

Three Rivers FS supports agricultural, civic, charitable, educational, and other worthwhile endeavors, to help make communities in which it operates better places to live and work. Three Rivers FS views its contribution as a positive activity and follows well-planned guidelines in administering the distribution of funds to assure maximum benefit to all involved.   

Charitable support will be awarded based on information collected in the Three Rivers FS Foundation application. Selections will be made by the foundation committee, which is comprised of Three Rivers FS board members and employees. The committee’s decision will be final.  

The committee meets on a quarterly basis to review applications so please plan your charitable request accordingly.

Three Rivers FS Foundation Application