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90th Anniversary


  • At the beginning and for the next 50 years, there were two separate companies - "Del-Que FS Company" and "Clayton County FS Company."
  • Del-Que FS Company and Clayton County FS Company was a leader in meeting the needs in Liquid & Bag Feed, Refined Fuels, Propane, Agronomy, Structure, and Grain Marketing
  • Total sales of Del-Que FS were $43,591   



  • 1954 - Del-Que FS reached total sales of $1 Million
  • 1956 - FS offered bulk spreader service     


  • 1962 - Started to sell Propane Cylinder Bottles
  • Mid-1960s - Epworth Location was purchased
  • 1968 - Structures Bin Department started in Manchester


  • Del-Que FS received their first forklift
  • Petroleum Department introduced 2 new products, "FS Power Plus," a super-concentrated detergent formulated especially for rural washing conditions, and "Wham," a remarkable new product which eliminates the problems associated with septic tanks, cesspools, dry wells, drain lines, and odor control. 
  • The LP Department added a new bulk delivery unit.  This made 4 units delivering in the 2 counties
  • Del-Que FS Company purchased a portable feed mill; the mill was operated out of the Manchester Location
  • March 15, 1970 - Holy Cross Location was officially opened for business. The facility was developed by remodeling a creamery and constructing a fertilizer plant.  This location was a complete farm service center with bulk blend fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia.
  • Spring 1970 - A 26,000-gallon dual-purpose plan (LP Gas - Anhydrous Ammonia) was put in to operation at Manchester
  • Summer 1970 - Procedural changes were made in the office where FS included copies of sales tickets with patrons' monthly statements. 
  • November 9, 1970 - Del-Que FS purchased the Monsanto Center in Manchester. The facility consisted of 6.7 acres of land on the south side of Manchester. The location was on both sides of the railroad tracks - west of our presently owned site.
  • 1978 - Del-Que FS Company built the Dyersville Warehouse for Tires Department 
  • 1978-79 - Manchester location built a grain bin leg for their fertilizer plant


  • Del-Que FS Company and Clayton County FS Company were separate companies for 50 years and in 1980, merged into Three Rivers FS
  • Purchased a location in Edgewood for a fertilizer and propane plant
  • Manchester Location received bag fertilizer, starter, and bulk on the railroad. 
  • Giard location put in a NH3 scale
  • First computer statements
  • 981-1983 - Oil Change & Fuel Location on Main Street in Manchester, IA
  • 1982 - Feed Mill was built in Earlville
  • 1982 - Three Rivers FS owned a Lumber Yard in Marquette, IA
  • 1983 - Three Rivers FS was #1 in GROWMARK Member System for feed sales
  • 1984 – The Epworth and Holy Cross locations put in key fuel pump systems for customers
  • 985 - Closed the Garnavillo Fertilizer Plant, then FS built a Fertilizer Plant in Elkader
  • 1988 - Decrease in Propane gallons due to a dry year


  • Sold Colesburg Feed & Seed Store
  • First computers were used in delivery trucks
  • Three Rivers FS purchased the facilities south of the railroad tracks and relocated the office in Epworth
  • October 1990 - Elkader Fuel 24 facility was built
  • June 1991 - Manchester Fuel 24 opened for business
  • 1993 – Due to propane allocation, Three Rivers FS went without propane for 17 hours
  • Late 1990s - Paint Department closed


  • November 2002 - Purchased Edgewood Location
  • 2002 - Stored Dust Control at Edgewood and Dubuque Locations
  • October 2005 - Purchased Ferlia Gas in Manchester, then sold to DJ Repair and moved the Propane Tank to Giard location
  • October 2006 - Giard Location added Propane to the facility
  • Spring 2008 - Manchester Location built a new office and shop
  • August 2008 - Purchased Dirck's Propane in Hopkinton
  • Winter 2009 - Propane price hit $4.90 per gallon


  • 2014 - Closed Structures Bin Department after 46 years of service
  • 2015 - Sold Feed Mill
  • September 2015 - Corporate Office moved from Earlville to Dyersville
  • 2018 - Revamped Three Rivers FS website
  • 2019 - Three Rivers FS closed the Feed Department
  • October 2019 - Ryan FAST STOP updated the facility
  • October 2019 - Giard NH3 Plant updated the facility
  • Fall 2019 - Propane allocation due to heavy dryer gas sales and cold weather snap


  • Spring 2020 - Holy Cross Location celebrated 50th Anniversary
  • May 2020 - Purchased McGregor Location
  • June 2020 - Ryan FAST STOP celebrated its reopening

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