Dieselex Gold

Since being introduced in 1952, Dieselex® Gold has held the position of being the absolute best fuel to power and protect diesel engines. With eight unique components to improve the performance characteristics of diesel fuel, it restores lost horsepower, improves fuel efficiency, and protects today's sophisticated fuel systems in diesel engines in on-road and off-road equipment. Dieselex Gold is just one of our products that set us apart in this market. 


Distillate Fuels

  • Dieselex Gold #2 Clear and Dieselex Gold #2 Dyed
  • No. 2 ULSD Clear and Dyed
  • No. 1 Diesel Clear and Dyed
  • Biodiesel
  • SURE-FLO (Cold Flow Improver)


  • Unleaded Gasoline
  • Unleaded with Ethanol
  • Premium
  • FS Clean Flow

Fuel Services:

  • Set new & used fuel tanks
  • Maintenance: Paint, sandblast, power wash, filters, leaks, hoses & nozzles
  • Recondition fuel pumps
  • Fuel quality management